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  5. 9crimees:

    Is anyone watching korea’s next top model?
    Here’s my fav, Shin Hyeon Ji

    she is deaf woman!

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  6. skshim:

    Korea’s Next Top Model Cycle 4 Photoshoot 2: 세기말 지구 (I would translate it as “Dystopian Future” or “End of the World” but that’s not the literal definition of this; on the episode, they were going for a “last humans alive” vibe).

    Photos are in call-out order, except I can’t upload the last two people.  Trust me — they were mediocre at best.

    The first girl — 박신애 — got first call-out two weeks in a row.  The thing with KNTM is that there are no BS eliminations, generally.  They eliminate the worst girl at that point in the competition.  While I personally would re-order these slightly, the bottom girls were definitely the worst, and the weakest girl got sent home.

    Korea’s next top model C4